Your art stands out!
We accompany your international appearance
Your career starts now
Emerging artists with great potential should be presented at art fairs
Art connoisseurs will be get to know you
Your artworks will delight the masses
Seeing and being seen
Your art will become a magnet
Your international appearance
Worldwide art fairs will expand your art circle
Strong buying interest
Take advantage of the large number of art enthusiasts

Art fairs


To present your artwork to a large audience, we will exhibit your works at a renowned art fair. An art fair is chock-full of successful art dealers, publishers, and galleries represented at small exhibition spaces. Art connoisseurs and enthusiasts can get to know and buy your art objects. 

The search for emerging artists with great potential for a successful career is exceptionally high at art fairs. As an artist, you will have the chance to better assess yourself and make international contacts. In addition, the fair audience is not only defined by strong buying interests but increasingly by a large number of curators who want to attract your interest for their next exhibitions. 

Thanks to our international and long-standing network, we have many media cooperations. We regularly publish editorial articles and press releases to publicize our events and art topics. The Pashmin Art online networking attracts more and more attention and forms an important component of our press work.