International Exhibition in Henan (Central China) | Pashmin Art Consortia | 29 July – 15 October 2020

International Exhibition in Henan (Central China) | Pashmin Art Consortia | 29 July – 15 October 2020

Greenland Maker Center – The International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Kaifeng, Henan, China


International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition
Pashmin Art Consortia opens its grand exhibition in Henan (central China)

Pashmin Art Consortia opens its grand exhibition in Henan, Central China with about 150 paintings by more than 15 artists from 10 European countries. It showcases various works of art from different countries and different styles.

The exhibition in Kaifeng city (Henan province, China) is open to the public in Greenland Maker Center.

While the second wave of Corona is moving across the globe, we have not stopped our cultural exchange programs though art. This actual exhibition was done with the help of many people in Europe and China. While travelling is not easy these days, the curatorial job was done though virtual connections.

Modern and contemporary art currently make the “universal language” in the art-world, and are important parts of exchanges in humanities and art market development. With the promotion and popularization of culture and art, the influence of modern and contemporary art is increasing.

In view of this, the cooperation between the “Henan Free Trade Zone International Art Bonded Warehouse” and “Pashmin Art Consortia” for organizing and hosting the “International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition” will comprehensively promote international exchange and market expansion in the field of modern and contemporary art, and serves as a regional and international cultural exchange center and will have a positive impact.

Organizers and Hosts

Organized by:
Pashmin Art Consortia
Kaifeng Municipal Government
China (He’nan) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Co-organizers: Zhengzhou Custom
Henan Culture and tourism department

Hosted by:
China (He’nan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Kaifeng Management Committee
Kaifeng Jingkai Digital Culture Investment Co., Ltd

Pashmin Art Consortia
Time and Venue
Opening 14:30, 29 July 2020 – closing 15 OCtober 2020
Greenland Maker Center, in Kaifeng, Henan, China

Guest invitation
Zhao Jian Cai – From Provincial Government
Hou Hong – Secretary of the municipal Party committee
Gao Jian Jun – Mayor

Zhengzhou Custom
Provincial Department of Commerce
Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Media Coverage
Henan TV, Kaifeng TV, Kaifeng Daily, etc.