VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS, Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, 2023

VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS, Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, 2023

At the February group exhibition “VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS???, Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg cordially invites you to get to know three Latvian artists up close, all of whom investigate the way of seeing and invite you to take the conceptual adventure to answer the question of what painting even means today. All three artists engage in practices inherent to the traditional principles of painting, blurring the distinction between figuration and abstraction and other formalist examples, while underscoring the inexhaustible nature of the medium of painting.

Group exhibition of Latvian artist

Group exhibition of Latvian artists with
M??ris Ča??ka – Vineta Kaula??a – Sigita Daugule
Vernissage: 04.02.2023 / 7 PM
Curators: Pavels Terentjevs (Latvia), Natalja Nouri (Germany)
Guest speaker: M??ris Ča??ka, Director of SIVIA Gallery (Latvia)
Opening spech: Dr. Davood Khazaie, Internationaler Curator

M??ris Ča??ka
The letterpress compositions of M??ris Ča??ka (Daugavpils, Latvia) are conceptual illustrations of dialogues in various temporal parallels and spatial dimensions. To depict communication and social contacts in their multiple forms, Ča??ka uses his characteristic mix of painterly and graphic means of expression. He spins his visual stories with a dialogic structure, using layers and layers of paint to conceptualize the transformation of his feelings and capture the impact of spoken and unspoken words, encounters, reflections, and emotions.

Vineta Kaula??a
The works of Vineta Kaula??a (Riga, Latvia) aim to illustrate the ambiguity and relativity of perception: the way we look at the world and make a picture of the whole from various parts and fragments, based on our emotional relationships to a particular image and our intellectual experiences with it. Her insights apply to both time and space as dimensions that are themselves invisible but can be determined by movement, change, and distance.

Sigita Daugule
The working method of Sigita Daugule (Riga, Latvia) consists of a multi-layered process of applying paint, modeling clay, layers of varnish and pigments to the canvas surface. Postmodern situation determines the composite essence of Daugule’s paintings – they contain both classical elements, such as color harmony, narrative and imaginative plots, and are modernistic, with typical too self-sufficient, too ambitious masses of colors and strokes, that create abstract dramas.

We are Looking forward to having an art-filled evening at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg on February 4 starting at 7pm.

All three artists will be present and look forward to stimulating conversations with you!

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