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To provide a quick flow of information, art catalogs and flyers are vital instruments, conveying useful descriptions of an artist’s specific activities. Differently produced catalogs relate to fairs, exhibitions, and creative periods. The catalog is translated or produced in the respective language depending on the fair and exhibition location. Each exhibition has a unique concept, which will be enhanced by a catalog explicitly created for you.
In the case of a group exhibition, national as well as international, for example, a decision on the design and concept of the catalog is coordinated. In a group catalog, the visitor has the possibility of having a quick overview of all exhibited artists and their works. However, if the art lover or collector is only interested in a specific artist, he can view his works in an individual catalog. These individual catalogs can be sent to you online as PDF attachments upon request. 

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Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!


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