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Your works belong in an art exhibition - stir up the gallery scene and international museums with your art!

Every artist has the burning desire to present their art to a large audience. There are many ways to present your works: through exhibitions at renowned galleries, in international museums, at successful art fairs, or at charity events.

For you as an artist, an exhibition is not only a prestigious event but, above all, helps to increase your popularity and be the stepping stone to your entry into the international art scene.  

Have your works exhibited in public spaces and disseminate your art message internationally. This will help you reach art enthusiasts, collectors, patrons who can effectively assist you as you climb your career ladder. Expand your art circle with Pashmin Art Management through art exhibitions from Vienna to London, Hamburg to Shanghai, Paris to Miami Beach, or Rome to New York!

Pashmin Art on YouTube

Thanks to our international and long-standing network, we have many media cooperations. We regularly publish editorial articles and press releases to publicize our events and art topics. The Pashmin Art online networking attracts more and more attention and forms an important component of our press work.


Realization of museum exhibitions

Which museums are interested in your individual art direction?

Art Fairs

At art fairs your works are presented up close and personal

How interesting would an international exhibition at a renowned art fair be for you?


A gallery ensures the increase of your visibility

Which gallery can best showcase your personal art theme?

Charity Galas and Fundraising events

Art for a good cause is a matter close to our hearts

Why not combine your name recognition with your social engagement?