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The art print offers the artist the possibility of their original work to be reproduced in desired editions. Technically, this is possible with a wide variety of materials. Additionally, for your sculptures, there are excellent technical processes for reproductions. Lithography boosts the presentation possibilities of the artist with high-quality reproductions of his paintings or photographs. We have extensive experience in the implementation of these processes. Digital copies of an original work of art require proof of its actual limitation and detailed documentation of its production. 
That is why Pashmin Art Publisher has chosen a method that provides a high level of security and trustworthiness. Forgery-proof certificates (Certificate of Authenticity) with all the important details, such as the artist’s name, the title of the work, edition, etc., are carefully produced for each art print. In addition, digitally working artists and photographers have the possibility of proving the authenticity of original single prints with a single forgery-proof certificate. We make it possible for you to produce and distribute multiple editions of your original art so that you can instantly be represented internationally.

Wir ermöglichen Ihnen, von Ihrer originalen Kunst mehrere Editionen zu produzieren und zu verbreiten, so dass Sie zeitgleich international vertreten sein können.

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